Although the HLA Standard Library was developed to support the High Level Assembler (HLA), it can be used in conjunction with other assemblers (NASM, MASM, FASM, etc.) if the necessary headers are developed. Likewise, it could conceivably be used with higher-level languages as an alternative to the native library.

The current incarnation, 5.0, supports 32-bit versions of Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and Mac OS X. It is written entirely in assembly language (in HLA to be precise).

Modules: args, arrays, bits, chars, console, conversions, cset, date, environment, exceptions, file class, file I/O, filesys, lists, math, memory-mapped files, patterns, RNG, stderr, stdin, stdout, strings, tables, time, timer, zstrings, BSD-sockets, threads, and blob.

An automated test suite is included.


You may browse or use a Subversion client to access the Standard Library source code.

Randall Hyde is the author of the Art of Assembly Language textbook and the developer of the High Level Assembly ( most recent here )this library is designed to support.

Please consult the project main page for more resources.

Help with HLA can be found at the AoA/HLA Support Group Yahoo-group.

HLA (version 1.x) source code repository on SourceForge.

HLA example code repository on SourceForge.

For Windows users, HIDE is an HLA-specific IDE written by Sevag Krikorian.

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